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About Us

FAJER DALMAH SCAFFOLDING TRADING has been manufacturing & supplying scaffolding products & accessories since 1996 in the Middle-East & Africa, tirelessly working to the satisfaction of our customers, with human safety being our prime endeavor.

We have had the privilege of supplying scaffolding products & accessories to some of the most prestigious companies; this has been possible due to our dedication towards our customers and our quality of work. Most of our scaffolding supplies are repeat orders.


Our Approach


A highest level Quality Control in compliance with National and In International regulations and standards.

Our approach and mission is to service the Construction Market with the highest quality Scaffolding while providing outstanding customer service. Our goal is to establish ourselves as one of the leading Scaffolding supplier on a Global scale offering reliable and safe scaffolding and formwork systems. If you are looking for scaffolding company in Dubai U.A.E, African countries Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia you are in the right place. You can send us your enquiry For all types of scaffolding products and accessories in the entire gulf & African region.

Working Since 1996

Fajer Dalmah Scaffolding
# 1 Scaffolding Company in U.A.E. & Africa