Scaffolding, the modular system of metal pipes is a temporary structure created to provide physical support to people and material in construction, repair or maintenance of buildings and other structures. Scaffolding is one of the most crucial components of the building/real estate indusrty – good quality scaffolding systems serves as a backbone of the modern applications such as civil engineering projects and erection of temporary structures. The key components of a scaffolding system are are standards, ledgers, transoms and other accessories. Keeping safety and security of men and material in mind, professional scaffolding companies lay a lot of emphasis on the quality of scaffolding products they make.

Scaffolding Company in Dubai, U.A.E.:

Dubai including whole of U.A.E. has thousands of Construction sites spread across the cities, small buildings to mega structures – few in the initial stages and many to roll down – this has created a vast pool of requirement for high quality scaffolding to fullfill the demands of the construction industry in U.A.E. Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates has numerous construction sites that use scaffolding and formwork systems from FAJER DALMAH SCAFFOLDING TRADING L.L.C. We have our own manufacturing facilty and sales offices in Dubai, Sharjah and Jeddaha and stockists suppliers across persian gulf.

If you are looking high quality scaffolding in Dubai, you are in the right place. Please send us an enquiry for our range of scaffolding poducts in Dubai and our Sales team will reach you to obtain your requirement in detail.

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