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Stair Way Mobile scaffold Towers

Our Aluminium Scaffolding manufacturing unit makes stair Way Mobile scaffold Towers, a most useful ascending aid for activities involving frequent ascent/descent and transport of loads. Slanting steps reaching from platform to platform with 100 mm deep steps can safely and comfortably be traversed forwards and backwards. Stairway rails add to the all round safety. No tools required, spacing of platforms by every two meters ease assembling or dismantling of the tower. 200 mm dia swivel castors with locking device and height adjusters to cope with uneven surfaces for ease of mobility and handling. Whatever you project need is – Fajer Dalmha Scaffolding company will be your ideal solution for all kind of Aluminium Stair Way Mobile scaffold Towers.

We manufacture, supply and export Aluminium Stair Way Mobile scaffold Towers in various markets in the middle-east Asia including Dubai, Sharjah, Jeddah & African countries Kenya, Ghana & Ethiopia.

Stair Way Mobile scaffold Towers Features

All individual parts are separately available as spares or extension parts.

  • Safe Working Load:
  • 250 kg per platform evenly distributed
  • 500 kg weight of complete structure
  • Stair Way Mobile Scaffold Tower Available Size’s:– 1.45m x 2.50m
  • Working height up to 18.50m

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